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Here are some of the wonderful greyhounds that are ready for adoption. Please check back regularly, as the list changes constantly.

For more information, or to make an adoption request, please fill out an on-line Adoption Form

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"Re-homed" Hounds

No new hounds will be coming until the first week of June, at which point we should be getting 12 or so. No adoption events until then. We are only accepting online applications (while the hounds last.)

Doobie ~ Fawn male. Right ear: Born 10/2014. Cats & small dogs are NOT possible, but okay with large animals. Loves everybody to pieces. Altered & ready to go. You need to take alook at this guy... he's gorgeous!!

Burrito ~ Burrito was born 6/15 and she is out of Yahoo Omar and Dayton. She is happy and friendly and maybe not quite as active as her sister. She has been altered, but not been cat tested yet.

Adoption pending.

Cato ~ Cato was born 6/15 and I am still waiting on his bloodlines but will update them as soon as I have them. He is super friendly and just wants attention, he couldn't care less about chasing that silly lure. Cato is a huge sweetheart who has won my heart completely and is workable with cats if the person is experienced.

Crunch ~ Crunch was born 11/15 and he is out of Pacific Mile* and Blackjack Crunch. He is believed to have a growth deformity and from what I see, he is very upright on his front ankles and it looks like the right front foot turns outward just slightly. He is happy as can be and loves everyone. He gets around on the ankles just fine, but they are afraid to race him. NOT cat safe.

EasiLeopold ~ Leo was born 8/22/13 and he is out of Lonesome Cry and Easi Lynn. Leo has an unidentified hind end issue which is ending his racing career. It shouldn't bother him as a pet. He is a calm, happy, sweet boy who really didn't want his picture taken. Easylepold is full of himself, friendly and curious but lousy with cats (unless you're an experienced trainer.)

Lightning ~ This is Ahridgeuhnull. Lightning was born 6/27/12 and he is out of Shonn and Solarie. He is a calm beautiful boy who loves people, but can only live with another greyhound. Forget the cats & chihuahuas.

PoePolitics ~ Poe was born 8/31/13 and he is out of WW Apple Jax and Kiowa WW Palin. Poe is a super happy, friendly ball of energy who loves people! Poe is very high prey and is NOT cat safe.

Poseidon ~ Poseidon was born 7/15 and he is out of Sure As* and Venus Basaldua. Poseidon was beat up in a dog fight and had damage to his chest, that is all healed up now, but when he strides to run, he doesn't have full range of motion. So he will go find a couch to lay on! He is a little shy at first, but is a friendly happy boy. Good with cats. Po is altered & ready for adoption.

"Re-Homed" Hounds
In our adoption contracts there is a portion that states if you can no longer keep your hound, you must return him to HOMES FOR HOUNDS. We do not care what age or under what circumstances the hound is returned. There is the right home for every greyhound available for adoption. Our rehomed hounds are very easy to place.

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