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Here are some of the wonderful greyhounds that are ready for adoption. Please check back regularly, as the list changes constantly.

For more information, or to make an adoption request, please fill out an on-line Adoption Form

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"Re-homed" Hounds

Our cat test subject died recently, so we have been unable to cat test our new hounds. Does anyone have a patient and forgiving cat that they would be willing to let us have in the interests of science? Must be an indoor cat. Only. Inside only, no outside. Only inside.

We have 10 new hounds arriving first part of June. All we have now are the names. Pictures and info will go up as we get them. The supplier hasn't had time to cat test any of them.

The hounds still in the kennel need to find homes before we can adopt out any of this new shipment.

Freebie ~ Dark brindle female. DOB 9/20/2013. Freebie will be ready for adoption after June 1st.

Cat Safe


Takesahike Dee ~ Fawn female. DOB 06/2016. Altered & ready to go. Not cat tested.


Frazzle ~ DOB 08/2016. White & black female. Sister of Dantastic. Frazzle is ready for adoption. Not cat tested.


Dantastic ~ DOB 08/2016. Dark brindle male. Altered & ready to go! Not cat tested. Not cat tested.



Little Bit ~ Light brindle female. DOB 11/2017. Little Bit will be altered and ready to go after June 1st. Not cat tested.

Adoption pending.


Brisvegas ~ 18 month old, light brindle female. A real bouncy, energetic teenage gal.

Cat Safe


Little Dottie ~ Born 11/17. White & brindle female. She has something wrong with her back end. She gets up and walks fine, but they don't think she will make a racer so will go ahead and pet her out.



"Bud" ~ Born 10/17. Red male. Mom broke his right back leg, it was surgically fixed, sometimes limps due to muscle tightness.



KT's Guinnness ~ Born 6/11/14. Black female.

Not Cat Safe


Bandana ~ Call name of Bandit. Born 4/1/16. White & Brindle Female.



Hampton ~ Born 11/17. Brindle male. He is shy and likes women way better than men.



"Halsey" ~ Born 4/17. Fawn female.



"Anzac" ~ Born 7/17/16. Fawn & brindle male.



"Blondie" ~ Born 7/17/16. Red female.



Barts Fancy Free ~ Born 9/22/12. Red female.



Jingles ~ Born 6/23/2017. White & brindle female.


"Re-Homed" Hounds
In our adoption contracts there is a portion that states if you can no longer keep your hound, you must return him to HOMES FOR HOUNDS. We do not care what age or under what circumstances the hound is returned. There is the right home for every greyhound available for adoption. Our rehomed hounds are very easy to place.

Krome ~ 1 1/2 year old male, white with brindle spots. Fully housebroken and great with everything, but he does work better with another dog in the house.. Poor Krome's family is going through a difficult time, so they brought him back to us. This guy really needs to go home with another greyhound.

Cat Safe Kid Safe Small Animal Safe

Billy ~ Illness in the adopting family has sent Billie away from his home & back to us. He was born May of 2016. Not cat tested.

  Kid Safe Small Animal Safe

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