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02/17/2014 - Hound trainers extrodinaire!

Kurt & Nancy in Medford, OR have taken on no less than 3 "unadoptable" hounds and fostered them in their home. Over a period of a few weeks, all 3 of them have been transformed into loving, happy, bright pets who would bring joy to any forever home. (All 3 were succesfully placed.) This level of dedication, patience and empathy makes them an incredibly valuable resource for H4H and deserving of every bit of praise we can send them. Very well done & a thousand thanks!!

01/28/2014 - New Hounds

As you are well aware, getting adoptable hounds has been really getting to be a problem. I have spoken with Jerry Wooten who has agreed to go to Arizona and bring up 28 hounds. He will be charging $118 per hound. I have spoken to a lady with a GPA group in WA who will take 18 of them. I am hoping to be able to work with this group a lot. When spring comes, the hounds will be coming from Kansas and perhaps Florida again. The only problem with that is those state laws are more lenient and the load will be 36 which will make more hounds to find a group to take. I have a call into the track in Tucson now to try and make arrangements with them. If you have questions or comments, please feel free to e-mail me.

08/23/2013 - Kansas hounds

Exciting News: 7 greyhounds from Kansas will be arriving at our kennel some time around the 8th of September. We are working with a new hauler and hopefully she will be able to provide us with hounds from now on. We will be getting 2 boys and 5 (or 6) girls.

Please keep in mind that older dogs also need homes & it's time to do our share. One of the girls is 7 and one of them is 8. Please keep an open mind about these older females that also deserve a forever home.

06/28/2013 - Picnic Venues Wanted

For years, we have held the Homes for Hounds Annual Picnic at the Gateway Park in Salem. This was primarily to provide a place central to all our hounds owners... to make the trip easier for everyone.

Unfortunately, Gateway Park is not what it used to be. There were several disappointments this year and we are seriously considering moving next year's picnic to another location. We are soliciting suggestions from all of you folks as to where we might relocate.

• We still want a place near the center of Oregon to facilitate everyone's being able to come

• Running water, electricity and toilet facilities are a must!

• A shelter is needed (in case of weather) and some decent barbeques.

Please pop us an email if you have a favorite spot you'd like us to consider, and thanks to everyone for their help and concern.

08/10/2012 - Fascinating story about hound owners & allergies

We recently had a young couple over here looking to adopt one of our featured hounds. The husband, unfortunately, had a terrific allergy to dogs and as desperately as they wanted to take their choice home, he was having an awful time with sneezing, watering eyes, and an itchy nose. Rayetta was rather despairing of the whole relationship.

After some time with their first choice, the couple then visited with another gal, a rehome, for an hour or more. Lo and behold... the husband showed no symptoms of any kind with this second hound. He had his face right in her coat nuzzling the hound and NO sneezing; NO watery eyes; NO itchy nose. They signed the papers and paid their fee on the spot. A miracle? Maybe not.

These two hounds have widely varying coats. the male's is wiry, while the female's is softer and fluffier. Evidently, the difference in hair follicles made all the difference to an allergy sufferer who thought he could never adopt a hound. Food for thought for those of you who may have made the same reluctant decision.

Our suggestion... if you're really interested in a Homes For Hounds adoptee, spend time with several of them. Often, the hound winds up adopting the visitors before the visitors make up their own minds. And, you might find that another possibility can get you past any pesky allergies that may have holding you back.

12/23/2011 - End of the year review...

We'd like to thank the kennel workers for their heroic efforts this year. Most of you folks don't know just how hard these wonderful people work to make sure every hound is clean, prepped & happy before going out to an event. It's a lot of work laced with a tremendous amount of love. Our hats are off to you guys!

This year we had 49 returns (due mostly to lost jobs and/or homes). 47 of them are rehomed thanks to the generosity of the caring folks who check this website and who come to our events on the road. What a tremendous outpouring of love for these wonderful hounds.

Homes for Hounds has gone through a lot of financial crisi this year, just like all of you folks out there. Thanks to your contributions and adoptions we managed to weather the storm. Because of this amazing commitment, we found homes for 168 hounds this year and we're going to do even better in 2012!

All of us at Homes for Hounds wish all of you a very joyous holiday season & peace, health and prosperity in 2012.

12/23/2011 - Xmas pix a GREAT success

We want to thank all the folks who came down and got their pictures taken with Santa. All 6 photo events were a huge success & everyone had a terrific time. Here's hoping we'll see you all again next year!

9/21/2011 - Sign up for e-vites

For all our future events (like the Annual Homes for Hounds Picnic in Salem, OR) we will be sending out "e-vites" instead of mailing formal invitations. To be included in our mailing list, please contact Rayetta at and she'll make sure you know what's going on with our social calendar in plenaty of time to make plans to join us.

7/04/2011 - Clarifying our shots policy:

Homes for Hounds ensures that every adopted hound is up-to-date on their shots... up to, but not including rabies vaccinations. Each state & county has their own rabies regulations and generally require that the rabies vaccinations take place within that state/county. Because of this requirement, H4H does not assume responsibility for rabies vaccinations. This is the responsibility of each new owner.

Up-to-date shots for every hound means any vaccinations due this month will be taken care of this month. If hound vaccinations are due further out, that will become the responsibility of the new owner when the appropriate time comes.


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